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Incentive meetings, travel programs and/or group incentive travel are becoming the traditional format of choice for many companies. Incentive meetings and group incentive travel programs:


Educate / Improve communication / Improve morale / Help employees “bond” / Build team spirit


A well-designed program can also provide quality time for managers to network with your top performers. Premier “builds” the experience for you and designs high-quality and fun trips for groups of all sizes and interests.



cruise incentives

Cruise incentives are the perfect destination for your next corporate or incentive meeting. No matter your needs – cruise ships offer state-of-the-art conference meeting facilities. Whether it be an annual meeting, board meeting, or sales conference, cruise ships are your meeting place at sea.

The new and improved cruise ships have advanced and modern meeting space and conference centers, top of the line a/v equipment, and can serve as perfect accommodations for you and your team – and for groups up to 4000.

We work closely with the Onboard Group Coordinator and the cruise team to make sure that your trip goes off without a hitch. The ships also can accommodate awards ceremonies or meetings or host a company dinner party in one of many restaurants.

Check out our CME cruise packages and have your next CME at sea.


team incentives

Team work is important in any business environment. When you seeking to stimulate the greatest effort from your team, team incentives and rewards are a proven way to help get the results you are looking for.

For most companies – teamwork is a critical factor for success.  Team building incentives and events feed the physical and psychological dynamic of your employees and the team.  Team building incentive trips that promote recreation can motivate and stimulate your employees before and after accomplishing the goal.

At Premier – we’ve developed all sorts of custom team building incentives such as – camping trips, sporting events, races, obstacle courses, archery, deep sea fishing and many others.  We also feature and manage spouse and guest events and activities!

Team incentives work.  They work because each person learns how they impact each other – while they seek a specific goal.  Depending on how big or small your staff is – a unique and specially-crafted team building/ employee incentive that are “dependent-based” can also be a great bonding experience for all and can strengthen the relationship for your entire team.


individual incentives

Individual Travel Incentives can be used to build morale, reward and/or motivate an employee and reward that special client.  And the best part – Premier will tailor a specific travel incentive package that meets your needs and objectives and if warranted – tie it directly to your company’s incentive plan.

We’ve built programs designed to allow participants the flexibility to choose their own rewards based on your program parameters.  A one-night resort stay for two may be a perfect incentive.  For the over-achiever… a six night/ seven day cruise may be the better choice.

Leverage our expertise, pick our brains… let us craft that special incentive program to recognize your company “rock star” or that special client under a wonderful client loyalty incentive trip.

recreation incentives

Our staff helps arrange recreational incentive trips such as a hike down the Inca trail as you visit the ancient Inca ruins… Machu Picchu in Peru.

How about a day on a championship golf course or a day relaxing at an award-winning spa.

When you hire us for your recreational incentive – we take the basic plan outlines, apply our special touches and create a “top-notch” program experience that your people will never forget.  Truth be told – we probably have as much fun planning your trip as your team will have experiencing it.

Got Wine?  How about a variety of food and wine tours in Italy, France and California?

Our professional staff covers everything from planning and arranging the activity, travel, tour bookings, and hotel or resort reservations.

But no incentive trip plan is complete without each of the “specialties” that occur along the way including banquets, parties and special events.  We take special care in making sure your incentive trips are “the talk” for weeks to come.


Every spectacular event – whether it a corporate meeting or incentive trip – starts with site selection, and we take this step absolutely seriously.

Success and failure often is determined by the location and therefore site research and selection should not be taken lightly.  At Premier, we take the burden of researching and choosing the right destination for your incentive event – out of your hands.  We help you to pick the right destination that is carefully matched to your desires, needs and objectives.

It’s all in the little details.  The time we spend through the selection process makes all the difference.

Some of the planning and management services we provide include:

  • Destination research

  • Site selection, site inspection, and contract negotiation – we visit the hotel or resort to ensure the meeting space and accommodations meet your requests – paying close attention to theme, décor and floral

  • Coordinate travel for participants

  • Contract review and negotiation

  • Food and beverage planning


When it comes to setting up your custom tailored incentive program – your unique advantage is that each package is tailored to fit your exact business needs. We plan each initiative with the right action steps to allow you to get the most out of your program.

Simply put… having Premier do all of the “heavy lifting”, means a PERFECT FIT for you, without the headaches. After all… no one else is like you, nor should they be. Custom tailored incentive programs (like custom made suits)… feel as comfortable as pajamas – when compared to off-the-shelf suits. For professionally tailored clothing, options are always a good thing. In the case of your incentive trip – it’s a great thing! Do not be intimidated, you will have all the help that you need. A skilled tailor (business analyst) is always very helpful and respectful. They understand that they are at your service and that you may have questions.

We look forward to creating a memorable experience for you and your team!

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