Sneaking Off to Luxury

Incentive travel planning must look at the client’s needs and wants and design a custom travel experience for the specific employees or clients being rewarded.

A Case History

A Silicone Valley CEO recently requested that we find him a destination to which, after he put his two top VPs on the company’s Dassault Falcon, he could sneak them off for a long weekend of reflection, relaxation and rejuvenation before the next round of strategic planning began. He wanted an all-inclusive venue with private accommodations and direct access to and from an airport. “You know,” he said, “great weather, near a secluded beach with a good spa attached and away from the tourist crush. No checking in, checking out, signing checks, or any admin at all. We need to decompress and improve our fitness a little while we engage in some free-form thinking. You know what I mean?”

Research – I Got Lucky

I knew what he meant, but I wasn’t sure where I could send them. Great weather in March near a secluded beach narrowed it down a little, but total privacy with attentive service and all-inclusive food and beverage presented another challenge. Also, the fact that they were going to fly in on their Dassault Falcon tipped me off to the level of luxury this top executive was accustomed to.

After searching in Hawaii, South America, Florida, and the French Riviera and finding wonderful resorts that did not, however, quite fill the bill in my mind, I took a trip to Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya in Mexico on a tip from a colleague. There I found the perfect location for my Silicone Valley CEO; GRAND VELAS RIVIERA MAYA RESORT.

A Destination That Ticks All the Boxes

A short private limousine shuttle from an airport that easily handles a Falcon, my CEO and his VPs would be driven directly to the Presidential suite in the secluded ZEN EXPERIENCE section of Grand Velas Resort. Minor check-in details would be handled in the suite by their private butler.


The Zen Grand 3-bedroom presidential suite is immersed in the exotic beauty of the Mayan jungle separated only by the suite’s private plunge pool. The suite is situated in a lush private garden with an open-air shower and a jacuzzi tub. A private butler and maid are assigned to serve you 24 hours a day.


Your every wish is  truly all-inclusive at GRAND VELAS RIVIERA MAYA RESORT. Two exotic restaurants, Sen Lin serving Asian fusion fare, and Chaka delivering an enticing blend of all-natural dishes and healthy cuisine are both conveniently located within the Zen Grand Area of the resort. Piaf (French), Frida (Mexican), Covina de Autor (Exotic European), and Lucca (Italian)are a short shuttle ride over to the main resort. I guess that’s case closed on all-inclusive food and beverage.


A luxurious spa is located within the Zen Grand and customizes daily treatment and fitness protocols for each executive during their stay. If what you seek is meditation, exercise, healthy food, a leisurely exchange of ideas among colleagues, all managed by an attentive, professional, private staff, I could find nothing comparable to the Zen Grand Experience at the GRAND VELAS RIVIERA MAYA RESORT in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

With a Little Bit of Luck

I tell this story to illustrate how far meeting planners will go to customize incentive travel to the recipient’s wants and needs. “With a little bit of luck”, this is the level of service we provide.

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