CME Location Matrix

Continuing Medical Education has become the largest event category in the conference and meeting  industry. Medical professionals have discovered that business/pleasure travel is the perfect environment for intensive continuing education in their respective speciality.

After 45 years of cumulative experience planning local, regional, national, and international continuing medical education symposia the planners at Premier Meeting Services have developed a unique site evaluation system that balances the educational and entertainment needs of attendees with the physical and geographic features of available sites..


At first glance, selecting a site for a medical symposia would appear to be a relatively straightforward affair. Nothing could be further from the truth. Each site must be carefully selected based on the following, sometimes conflicting,  considerations:

  1. Schedule – Carefully avoiding conflicts with other CME events and calendar demands of the particular practice speciality.
  2. Climate – Should attract attendees from less attractive climates but still be affordable and relatively convenient.
  3. Recreational opportunities – for the practitioner and his/her family – must be scheduled in concert with meeting demands.
  4. Convenience – limiting travel time must be balanced against popularity of the site.
  5. Accommodations – Facility must be able to accommodate the size of the class with both hotel rooms and educational venues.
  6. Availability – of the facility must coincide with availability of attendees.
  7. Price – reasonable as a business expense.
  8. Accessibility – Even though exotic foreign locales are popular, often they are relatively inaccessible and not suitable for business travel.
  9. Atmosphere – hotels inside Disney World, rather than offsite in Orlando, might not be the most conducive to study and learning.

Experience – venues that have proven themselves through experience must be weighed against popular new venues we have not yet utilized.

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