6 Little Known Benefits to Hiring an Event Planner

When you’re hosting an important event and trying to keep costs down, hiring a third party event planner may seem an unnecessary expense. Yet it’s not. Here are six surprising benefits to hiring an event planner, and why you may want to consider doing so for your next occasion.

Talented negotiations

When it comes to contracts with suppliers and service providers, having a talented negotiator on your side is more than convenient. Event planners know how to work with vendors and are willing to put a little pressure on to get what you want. They have taken the time to understand your vision and will convey that to suppliers, as needed.

Saving Money

Many people assume that the cost of hiring an event planner is astronomical, thereby not feasible. This is a mistaken assumption. There is more to consider than the initial expense. Most event coordinators have formed long-lasting, trusting relationships with vendors, suppliers and entertainers. Not only does this provide you with invaluable information to make your event a success, it often translates into special offers and discounts that aren’t available to the general public. Professional planners typically have suggestions for areas that you can cut corners to save money.

Things just look better

Most of us don’t consider the psychological impact of how chairs are angled, nor do we think of the effect that certain colors have on guests. Rather, when we plan an event, we focus on the practical and technical needs. How many chairs should there be? What food should be served? A professional event planner, on the other hand, is trained to understand that a great event looks and feels great. They plan for the hundreds of details that the average person overlooks. This way guests know they are somewhere special even if they don’t fully understand what gives them that impression.

You’ll be able to breathe

Sure, breathing should come to us as easy as, well, sleeping. But in the midst of party planning and party implementing, it tends to be pushed to the wayside. Doing everything yourself is a tremendously challenging task. Hiring an event planner allows you to step back, focus on the areas that you know and care most about, and be your most productive self.

During the occasion itself, the event planner takes care of the guests, contends with obstacles as they arise, and ensures that all of the logistics are effectively addressed. Having this freedom affords you the opportunity to make sure guests feel welcome and comfortable, and also helps you center on any presentations that you may have to give.

Capitalize on creativity

Whether your vision includes a pirate ship stuffed with golden treasure chests or fluttering butterflies sprinkled along the ceiling, an event planner will help you make your dreams materialize. He or she will be able to serve as a sounding board for each idea that you present. A skilled event planner will consider your ideas, research them, and plan down to the slightest details how to make them happen.

Troubleshoot for you

Not all of us can be experts at all things. Even if your idea of a schedule resembles a scattered mess of numbers, an event planner can ensure that your occasion adheres to a set time frame, that food looks delicious, and that the temperature is optimum. An event planner signs where needed, delivers when needed, and finds solutions when those expectations aren’t met.

Planning an event doesn’t have to be a stressful occasion, particularly when there are professionals trained to make events go without a hitch. By hiring an event coordinator, you save time and stress while ensuring your guests are thrilled. Whether you’re responsible for your next corporate function, a best friend’s bridal shower, or travel management, consider Premier Meeting Services to assist. We have the right professionals to make your next occasion a breeze.

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