5 Mistakes When Booking a Conference or Event

Avoid Costly Mistakes When Planning Your Next Corporate Event

Today we’d like to share with you 5 big mistakes companies make when booking a conference or event as it relates to HOTELS and Site Selection.  When small businesses decide to host a meeting, an event, or a conference they think they must handle it themselves. So, they make…


THEIR FIRST MISTAKE: They call a couple of hotels.


Hotel sales managers are delighted to take their call. “We would be happy to accommodate your company. What was your company’s name again? How do you spell that? How many attendees are you expecting? What is your budget? What dates would you like us to block? How many breakout rooms do you require? Do you require any special services? Will you be hosting any large banquets?” Since a secretary or executive initiated the call in the first place, they slip easily into…

THEIR SECOND MISTAKE: Although these questions seem logical and even helpful… NEVER ANSWER THEM!


Premiere Meeting Services has booked hundreds of hotel and conference venues on behalf of our small business clients.

We never tell hotel sales personnel what your budget is because that sets the pricing bar far too early in the transaction.

We only inform them what we are willing to pay after all the services we insist on are settled. There are no special services. All services you require will be included in the ultimate rack rate. Therefore, Premiere is never put in the position to make…




The planners at Premiere never negotiate with hotel conference sales personnel because we don’t have to. They already know that we know their lowest rate and the power of your potential booking. We know how much business they are doing this season and the dates they will aggressively discount for a conference booking.

We first settle on all the detailed meeting arrangements and then announce what we are willing to pay. This is a powerful posture to adopt when booking a conference venue. It has saved our small business clients tens of thousands of dollars over the years.

Although we consider our hotel and conference venue sales managers trusted colleagues and often friends, we never make…



Premiere Meeting Services always gets everything in writing. Many times over the years our small business clients have come to us because they feel that they have been mistreated by the hotel or venue they booked on their own for their last meeting.

“…the sales manager clearly told me that the hotel would handle all transportation from the airport. When we got the final bill they had charged us $3,000 for airport transportation.”

“…they charged us big money for the HDAV in the main conference room. They said it was included. We’ll never go there again.”

“…they added a 10% service charge in addition to a 15% gratuity to all the food and beverage bills. They said that was a standard “facilities charge” because our group utilized the restaurant’s entire seating capacity. That’s not right. They didn’t tell us that when we booked our conference.


At Premiere all of our booking calls begin with friendly chats but end with every detail covered in writing.  

So if you consider yourself a small business, don’t make the…


FIFTH MISTAKE: Low self-esteem.


Don’t think you shouldn’t use a professional meeting planner just because you are a small business about to hold your first meeting or conference. Most of our clients were small when they started but used Premiere as a lever to improve their negotiating posture when booking their first event.


Let Premiere Meeting Services help your small or medium sized company command the same respect and service that the Fortune 500 take for granted.


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