A Year-End Letter to All Our Colleagues


Happy holidays everyone,

For the past year the staff here at Premier Meeting Services has researched and endeavored to discuss the most compelling issues concerning independent meeting and event planners, corporate event planners, owners, and vendors. In this new era of electronic communication, our industry is booming once again as face-to-face meetings, events, trainings, incentive travel, board meetings, product launches, industry specific conventions, and all forms of interactive communication are seen to be the most effective forms of communication in this burgeoning digital age.

Our intent in 2017 was to stimulate industry thinking on the changing face of attendees as the baby boomer generation gives way to the so-called Millennials.

We focused attention on the importance and effectiveness of professional event design to tell your event’s story, create an indelible brand, and make excitement a takeaway.

Tragic industry events in 2017 reminded us to encourage planners and owners to become proactive rather than reactive when dealing with event security.

We highlighted the renewed interest in technology as a crucial part of modern event design. Everyone is so used to being connected to Wi-Fi and cell service in their everyday life that they expect to have the same experience at an event, even though they are in the midst of thousands of other people. They also expect transactions for ticketing and purchasing to happen easily and quickly. And their expectations have gone through the roof when it comes to using virtual reality and augmented reality to tell a story and make a lasting impression.

Team building took off in 2017 as American industry realized that the “work from home” digital trend and the increasingly scattered location of a growing international workforce was creating a “loneliness factor” never before experienced in American industry.

In 2017, studies revealed that monetary rewards were not the most effective employee motivators, but that carefully customized incentive travel rewards were both powerful motivators and effective team building tools.

As millennial attendees began to dominate event attendance, boutique destination cities became the order of the day. Planners realized that millennials wanted to experience the geography outside the venue and participate in the natural surroundings, sample the local cuisine, experience local art, and discover historical significance.

Even the traditional “sage on the stage” convention hotel venues began to feel a little passé. Rooftop gardens, circular creation pods, virtual attendance, and interactive venues like ballparks and historic public buildings began to occupy a more prominent place in event planning.

And finally, limousines and shuttles were more frequently replaced by Uber and thrifty attendees preferred Airbnb to traditional hotel accommodations.

Wow…a lot happened in 2017! We tried to keep up and sincerely hope we helped you keep abreast of the industry we all love…one of the fastest growing industries in America.

Hold on now…here comes 2018,

Premier Meeting Services


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