Trends That Currently Impact the Event Industry

When planning your event this year, it is important to be mindful of the latest trends. With advances in technology, a changing geo-political landscape, eco-travel, natural food fads, alternative lodging and transportation choices, planners must carefully research meeting and event trends to avoid putting on “dated”, “same-old-thing” events. Let’s start with AV.

  • AV Innovation is currently all the rage. Audio Visual technology is advancing rapidly and if you don’t participate your event can go stale sitting on the shelf for even one year. Planners must carefully study the competition and keep abreast of the latest AV technologies being employed to add POP and WOW to the events they are now planning.
    I recently attended an event that combined LED displays and 360-degree wireless sound to create a natural environment inside a convention hall that made you feel as if you had walked through a jungle ride at Disney World. It was very effective at selling natural agricultural feeds and creating an unforgettable WOW factor. It was costly to design and build but was definitely the hit of the show.
  • AV Budgets Are Growing– It is time to review AV budgets carefully. Innovative AV is fast becoming a “must have” to stay competitive in this highly innovative market and avoid being labeled “boring”. AV is no longer an area to pursue “thrift”. Loosen up when it comes to AV and keep your budget in line with quality.
  • The Battle with Cellphones for Attention – Incorporating smart phones into AV productions is making the most of attendees focus on their devices. I recently saw a live-feed map of America projected onto a screen behind a presenter, and as each person in the audience took-action on their cellphone responding to the speaker’s crowd funding program a pin popped up in the city they lived in. It was powerfully interactive, engaging and motivating.
  • The Growth of Interactive AV – At a medical training a speaker used the Phone2Action app to allow attendees to answer questions that immediately became part of the graphic data he was using in his power-point presentation. The students were making an active contribution to the course as it was being presented by being part of the control group. You can imagine how effective that training was.
  • Professional AV Partners – At Premier Meeting Services we have found that developing partnerships with certain AV professional services can sometimes be troublesome because of the cost of travel and the logistics of working with onsite AV teams, but we find that having an AV team we know and trust is becoming more important to the success of our events. They are constantly innovating and keeping us abreast of what is possible. They meet with us during the planning stages as many times as it takes to design the latest in AV tech. They understand and get comfortable with our reasonable budget restrictions but fight us at every turn if they think our thrift will keep us from putting our best foot forward. They are more than just vendors, they are partners.

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Keeping up With will take a look at the trends in the changing geopolitical landscape and how they are impacting the meeting and event industry.

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