How has Today’s Technology Changed the Event Planning Industry?

New and emerging technology has changed the way we share information, the way we court clients and the way event planning works. From the ability to interact directly with prospects via social media and to build buzz about an event weeks before it actually happens to live streams and geofiltering that allows guests to instantly share their experience with their own circle of friends, emerging technology has had a huge impact on the way events are planned and the way events work.

Social Media Marketing

The advent of social media and rapid adoption of sites ranging from Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest has broadened the reach of event marketing. Social media also levels the playing field for even small business and rewards those willing to take the time to interact with and engage prospects online.

For events, social media offers multiple opportunities for engagement, from developing interest before an event to live streaming and updating during to sharing images, stories and updates afterwards.


New ways of identifying topics and exposing your event to large numbers of fresh prospects; using an event hashtag makes it easy to reach out to a whole new audience. Creating and using a hashtag in the weeks leading up to your event can help build buzz and ensure that everyone knows what’s coming next.

Gadgetry Upgrades

Touch screens, immersive video and even holographic projection technology make your event stand out and give attendees something to talk about and share during and after the big day. New gadgets and technology designed to improve the visitor experience emerge regularly; keeping an eye on the future of event and convention technology allows you to stay ahead of trends. According to Mashable, interactive game technology and achievement based activities can boost event engagement and ensure that your visitors stay involved and share their experience, live.

Live Streaming

It’s easier than ever to give followers some insight into your event; live streaming gives anyone following you a look into the big day and helps boost involvement and interaction. Even those who can’t attend can follow along and participate over the course of your event, thanks to live streaming.

Improved Security

Improved security technology at venues and the ability to instantly compare the people who show up with your actual attendee list can help increase safety and ensure that everyone who comes to your event has actually registered to be there.


It’s easier than ever to advertise your event to locals and interact with anyone visiting the area with a Snapchat Geofilter; anyone within your defined boundaries can interact with your Geofilter and talk about your event. Setting up a Geofilter for your event is as easy as selecting your dates, choosing an area for your “fence” and buying the filter. For events geared toward Millennials and heavy social media users, a Geofilter encourages engagement and extends your reach.

Online Check In

The ability to check in attendees via an app or portal helps you speed even heavy attendance traffic through your registration stations. A mobile app designed specifically for events can integrate with your attendance list, help you identify VIPs and even let you know how many of your expected attendees have arrived.

Learning more about the latest technology — and what these emerging innovations and trends can do for your event — can help you make the most of the latest new gadgets and options, and helps your event stand out, too. To learn more about event planning and get the latest news, tips and industry trends, contact us or follow our blog. We’re dedicated to helping you plan and run a successful event using the best tools and technology available today.

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