Soo…You Want to Become a Meeting Planner

You’re Well Organized

Meeting and event planners had it easy in the old days. They only had to worry about the thousand logistical details that would make or break a meeting or event. Once they arranged for accommodations, meeting venues, transportation, food, entertainment, AV, flowers, booze, and presenters they could rest easy.

You Enjoy a Good Party

But times have changed. It’s not that simple anymore. Meetings and events have evolved into highly sophisticated, multifaceted business tools that require strategic as well as tactical planning, marketing programs, post event feedback sessions, environmental sensitivity, an understanding of group dynamics, healthful dietary choices, technological inclusion, virtual meeting components, and a host of generational considerations that, at times, dictate the location and structure of the event.

You’re Well Educated

Events have evolved beyond weddings, trade shows, and non-profit fundraisers to include ongoing education and training, incentive trips, team building, executive retreats, conferences, and sporting events, to name just a few. In fact, any gathering of people that requires some sort of organization can qualify as an event, and every event has a different purpose that calls for a unique venue, location, accommodations, technology, schedule, etc…etc…etc. Event planning is now both an art and a science that requires a major in business and hospitality with a minor in media production, psychology, floral decoration, culinary sciences, software engineering, and social media marketing.

You Want a Glamorous Career

At Premier Meeting Services we advise aspiring planners to realize that while the perception of event planning is often that of a glamorous, exciting job, in reality most of their time will be spent behind the scenes preparing the event by cross-checking attendance lists, arranging for proper insurance, conducting countless logistics meetings between vendors, and managing tight budgets. This profession is called “event planning” for a reason.

You’ve Got the Right Stuff

But at the same time we remind every young planner that they get to be the mastermind behind some amazing experiences while being afforded the opportunity to try their hand at many different tasks during their workday. Event planners are required to be experts at many things and to have a working knowledge of just about everything else.  Because of this, there is no knowledge you can possess, or skill you can master, that won’t be an asset.  Good planners are dedicated and focused with great negotiation skills and a flair for creativity.

Then…Event Planning is the Job for You

Most planners agree that despite all the countless hours of frustration, crossed eyes from cross-checking lists, and moments of panic, there is simply nothing more rewarding than seeing your event “go live.” When you see all the elements you’ve created come together in one magical moment, it makes it all worthwhile.


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