Keep Your Employees from Getting Spring Fever

Springtime is here again and that most likely means that if your employees are not away on a spring break, then they are somewhere in the office trying to fight the inevitable spring fever. When the spring fever starts to hit, and employees get to enjoy longer days, more sunshine, warmer temperatures, and sweet sounds of birds singing outside their windowsills, their productivity is likely to plunge. Spring fever distractions are a great hindrance to getting work accomplished. So, here are a few ways that employers can use to help combat spring fever in their workplaces.

  1. Put into practice some flexible work schedules

To help the employees avoid spring fever, put into action a flexible scheduling policy that will enable them to spend more time outside the office enjoying the spring weather with their children, family and friends. Flexible scheduling will help the employees to balance their work and off-work life more effectively. It is better for the employees to spend less time at the office and be highly productive during that time, than spend lots of hours struggling to focus and in the end deliver poor results.

  1. Encourage outdoor adventures, especially group/team adventures

Spring is a tough time for employees to be stuck in the office while basically everyone else, including students and teachers are on spring break. Therefore, this is a great time to have your employees exploring the outdoors to help boost their work morale. For example, the employees can venture outdoors for a midday break and go hiking in a nearby trail or botanical garden, take a stroll in a park and more. This is also a great time to plan incentive trips and fun team building activities or events. With a company like Premier Meeting Services, which helps plan corporate & CME events, travel guides to magical locations, and fun team building activities for all, you can boost the vibrancy at your workplace and help employees keep away from spring fever.

  1. Make work enjoyable and allow the employees to bloom

Making work enjoyable during the springtime is crucial. Your employees won’t be at the workplace and at the same time wishing they were somewhere else if they enjoy doing the work they are doing and have fun interacting with their workmates or work environment. During this period, the employee’s motivation may be lower than normal. Advise your managers to give them projects that they are more interested in or passionate about. Plus, make the office place more refreshing, appealing and cool to work in. Do some spring-cleaning, open the windows, decorate the space with flowers and use fresheners to enhance the air quality. Freshness helps yield new ideas and perspectives.

  1. Reward the employees with more additional paid time off

Another great way to beat spring fever for the employees is to give them additional paid time off. Everyone wants to spend more time away from the office and with their families and friends during this time. Offering them an extra day or two off is a greater motivator than a gift card. Also, you can instruct the managers to let the employees out early or plan for them some vacation as a way to thank them for their efforts.

When staying focused becomes increasingly difficult for your employees during spring, keep these tips in mind to help your workforce stay refreshed, vibrant and productive. Remember, Premier Meeting Services is the ideal event planning company to help your employees stay sharp!


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