Gen Z

What? Gen-Z? What happened to millennials? I thought millennials were the new generation who didn’t like to do things the old-fashioned way. Now, they’re old fashioned? Now we have Gen-Z? I’m not prepared to make adjustments for another younger generation. I haven’t even completed by millennial adjustment yet. Gen-Z? Really? I’m confused.

Who Am I?

I’ve lost my identity. I am not a “Baby-Boomer” planner. I rarely order limousines, presidential suites, caviar, 10-piece bands, or serve martinis “shaken not stirred” on the lanai in the moonlight.

I guess I think of myself more as a “Gen-Y” planner. I plan organic foods, speedy Wi-Fi, interactive breakout groups, nature hikes, and social media inclusion. However, nobody even talks about Gen-Y. A “Gen-Y” planner really isn’t anything.

So, I’ve been trying to gradually morph into a “Millennial” planner. I arrange Uber armadas, virtual meetings, circular interaction spaces, offsite history and social service adventures, Airbnb accommodations, and avoid “sage on the stage” like the plague. I’ve taught myself to order artisan Tequila every time even though it gives me a headache. Anything to complete my morph into – “Millennial” planner.


I’m not near completing my millennial morph, but I’m told I’m too late. A new generation of attendees is entering the meeting planning market, and they are not millennials. The oldest members of this group are around 22 which means some are starting to leave school to apply for jobs and make money. They’re known as Gen-Z (aka – “iGen”), and they differ from their millennial forebears in many significant ways.

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