The Future of Event Design

Premier Meeting Services has combed through the current industry literature to find out what leaders in the planning industry are saying about the future of event design. Here’s what some forward thinking designers and producers believe will shape events and meetings in the next five years and beyond.


ubiquitous – bigger – better – from holograms to Jetsons-style catering. “I can see that technology will be deeply implemented in all aspects of event design in the future,” says Jung Lee, co-founder of Fete, an event planning and design production firm based in New York. Bronson Van Wyck of Van Wyck & Van Wyck in New York adds, “In the next 10 years, I think techniques like sensory projection, immersive video mapping, holograms and touch screens will become commonplace.”


– Planners are seeing more requests for historic and traditional spaces to serve as locations for future events. For example, Coach chose Irving Plaza in New York to hold a recent event because the brand thought the character and patina of the theater coincided with their message of timelessness and authenticity.


– Events will shrink in size. Intimate events appear to be the wave of the future. “The party you usually want to have is the after-party,” says Jess Gordon, creative director and owner of Proper Fun. “It’s the 50 people who, if you were stranded on a deserted island, you’d want to be with.” The intimate affair is fast being recognized as the key event for networking and laying groundwork for future business development.


– Designers will continue to rely on social media for the shot in the arm boost for their event, and brands must now be seamlessly incorporated into décor to make them photo and social media worthy. “The saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is becoming very evident and, in the next five to ten years, as technology develops and we have more outlets for social media to be expressed, this will only become more of an important element in the design of events,” says Brian Worley of Santa Monica based event production company Your Bash. “We are now being asked to really create experiences that are photo and social media worthy for posting…this is especially true for product launches and brand-centric events where the merchandise needs to be seamlessly incorporated into the décor.”


As food allergies and restrictions become more common, highly personalized catering will be a must,” Worley says. “First there was the buffet, now we are dealing with the food station, but I believe that in the next few years, these food stations are going to become completely interactive,” he says. “Guests will get to pick and choose all the ingredients that they will be consuming…”


– Despite the technological innovations and trends, the goal of an event – bringing people together – will continue to remain. “Regardless of what happens in five or ten years, it will always be the designer’s job to continually produce creative, integrated designs and to create live experiences that are one-of-a-kind and memorable,” says Jung Lee.


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