Fitness – Its Own Reward

To one degree or another, every active adult in our society is working to improve their fitness. After all, everyone knows improved health increases happiness, self-esteem, productivity, and relationships both professional and personal. If nothing else, our egos drive us on to jog five miles a day, attend a spin class, compete in Cross Fit, and end the day in a Bikram Yoga class. Food is the enemy. Weight is a curse. Slipping into lululemon’s latest athleisure offering is almost like dressing for the Academy Award ceremony; a crowning achievement.

But it’s not easy. It’s a daily struggle. You never really win. You can never take a vacation from fitness. Think, then, how wonderful it would feel if your boss rewarded you with a week at a high-end fitness camp; or two weeks! Wouldn’t that be the ultimate incentive reward?

A Luxury Fitness Camp

PFC Fitness Camp, an award-winning program, is a good example of what a fitness camp incentive dream trip might look like. PFC offers the full spectrum of wellness from the nation’s top experts in behavioral health, nutrition, and fitness, all set in beautiful San Diego, CA at LaCosta Resort and Spa.

A typical day in PFC camp looks like this:

6:30 AM – Banana Boost Protein Smoothie
7:00 AM – Spin n’ Sculpt Class
8:00 AM – Coconut Farro Oatmeal
9:00 AM – TRX Suspension Training
10:30 AM – Greek Yogurt Parfait with Fresh Berries
10:45 AM – Band Burn
12:00 PM – Lunch & Learn; Psychology of Eating
1:45 PM – Hike at the Legendary Torrey Pines
4.30 PM – Organic Apples and Almond Butter
4:45 PM – Yoga at the Chopra Center
5:15 PM – Blackened Ahi with Roasted Vegetables

PFC at La Costa offers a one week “Kick Starter” camp; a two week “Momentum Builder” camp; a three week “Habit Changer” camp; and a four week “Life Transformer” camp. Depending on desire, need, and earned reward, employers can offer selected employees or preferred customers a wide variety of fitness incentive rewards.

A Wide Variety of Options

This blog is not an endorsement. I site the PFC fitness camp only as an illustration of what a fitness incentive travel reward might look like. There are many luxury fitness camps across the country that offer a wide variety of programs to the incentive travel industry.

  • MOVARA FITNESS RESORT – Red rock country of Utah – Corporate Wellness programs designed to reduce stress, increase productivity through nutrition and training, team building, and exercise.
  • PURE KAUAI – The island of Kauai, Hawaii – Bespoke fitness vacations where guests reside in private cottages and are catered to by personal trainers, health-minded private chefs, personal assistants and wellness practitioners from massage therapists to intuitive healers and astrologists.
  • THE RANCH AT LIVE OAK – Malibu, California – Don’t call it a spa – it’s a week of tough love. Nothing is optional: not the pre-dawn wake-up calls for morning yoga, not the 16km to 21km hikes every day, not the four hours of fitness classes, and not the super-strict diet (no meat, wheat, sugar, dairy, caffeine, alcohol or processed foods).

The Key to Success

Fitness travel is a world-wide growth industry. You can see, however, from the few examples above, that the key to success is matching the reward recipient with the right camp. At Premier Meeting Services, we not only inspect each facility before booking, but interview every candidate to insure a perfect fit. The personal interview is the key to our successful fitness incentive programs.

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