What We Can Learn About Event Planning From the 2016 Olympics

Did you know that the host Olympic cities are picked seven years in advance? That’s a long time to plan an event. What the Olympic committee has shown us about event planning is that the proper preparation is essential to a successful event. That message can carry over into any type of event and meeting planning.

Premier Meeting Services is your ultimate destination for meeting planning and the hospitality industry. Our combined 40 plus years of experience allows us to craft your events with the utmost care, very similar to the way the Olympics are thought out in fine detail.

Here are some other tips about what we can learn about event planning form the 2016 Olympics. Having an event that comes off without a hitch is just the end goal. It’s the getting there that is just as valuable.

Stage Large Events With Precision

When you watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Rio this Summer, did you notice how many people participated in that event? In Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, there were not only thousands of athletes to organize, but there were many cultural presentations that featured up to 6,000 volunteers. With an estimated 30 million Americans watching the festivities on television, it was a show to be seen. Lucky for the organizers the entire night was presented without a problem in sight.

Having the wherewithal to organize that many people takes an exacting hand and a stellar vision of the final event. That’s exactly how larger meetings are planned with precision, so that nothing is left to chance and the event comes off seamlessly, just like the opening ceremony of the Olympics. You can even apply this strategy to smaller meetings and events.

Know Your Budget

Another important part of event planning is to always keep the budget in mind. Going over is not an option. It was the same way in the opening ceremony of the Olympics. They had only about 10 percent of their total budget to work out a fantastic show for the world to see. What that meant is they had to cut back on some of the technical and more expensive aspects of the show to keep it financially feasible.

The best part is that with the way they planned it, you would never know that they had a much smaller budget than in years past. The directors were comfortable working within their budget. Knowing your budget and sticking to it is a part of the service we provide to you at Premier.

The Stakeholders Are The Priority

The Olympics demonstrate this perfectly. The way they organize where the athletes stay in Olympic Village is nothing short of exceptional. They make sure that all the athletes are comfortable with their needs cared for. That way they are more able to focus on the task at hand. Their sports! The entire reason the whole event exists to bring countries together in a “sportacular” celebration. It’s the same way for event planning.

Keeping your stakeholders happy is essential to the execution of the event. That’s why no detail is too big or too small to have a watchful eye out for. With Premier, you know that from start to finish, your stakeholders will be happy with how things are planned before, during and the after result is that we’ll exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to find out exactly how we can make your event and meeting plans go smoothly for your company.

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