3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Meeting Planner

[DISPLAY_ACURAX_ICONS]Nearly everyone has a horror story about an event, business trip or meeting that did not go as planned. These are the late evening entertainment around the water cooler in many offices nationwide. Many companies have begun to find the value in essentially outsourcing their meeting planning to consultants specializing in planning and arranging events and meetings. These consultants are responsible for the arrangements needed in order to make your meeting a success.

While some companies may wonder at the inherent value and ROI of using a meeting planning service, there are many reasons that this practice is rising in popularity and many are using these services. Some reasons to consider using a meeting planner include: time saved, utilizing the network contacts of the professional meeting planner, and the benefit of allowing you to focus on your end of the meeting.

Time is money

A line from a sleeper movie from the 80s was, “We’re in the business of doing business, so everyone go do your business.” Let’s suppose that you business is manufacturing, distributing and selling the “Widgetator 8000”, or something like that. You are undoubtedly the leading experts on all of the ins and outs of what this product does, can do and will do. Planning a sales meeting with the 500 salespeople dotting the country, finding the right site, etc. is not what you are an expert in. Handing this off to another who has that expertise is simply a wise choice, which brings us to our next point – use the meeting professional’s contacts.

Jump into a professional’s network

Networking is where everything is. Unless your Uncle Jerry and Aunt Eileen own a resort in Florida and have space available, you probably do not have as many options as a professional meeting planner. They spend their time building a network of connections who are competing for business. Using those connections to get the best deals for your event or meeting is just smart thinking. (But since you are the inventor of that “Widgetator 8000”, no one doubts your brain!)


Along with time spent on what you are best at, you can focus on the content of your meeting rather than all of the details that accompany large event planning. These can easily dominate the landscape when you are trying to do it all yourself and sometimes can suck the life out of you before your even get to the meeting!

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